NY Fashion Week: What You Can Learn From The Ralph Lauren Show

Fashion season is in full swing and this week, the eyes of the industry are on New York. The trends trotting down the runway there will determine what we’ll all be wearing for the next twelve months. This year. no show was more important and iconic than the Ralph Lauren show, celebrating the designers 50th anniversary in the industry.

This was a star-studded festival of fashion, with stars from Hollywood, the fashion industry and TV colliding to celebrate the all-American brand. This show was the jewel in the crown of New York fashion week, and everyone who was anyone was there.

But what were they wearing? The short answer is Ralph Lauren! But the long answer is that the celebrities in attendance showcased the very best of 2018 formalwear, and we can learn a lot from it. Here are some of our favourite looks, and how you can pull them off:

Kanye West 

                                               Kanye West oozes urban cool

Do you have a naturally casual sense of style? Not one for wearing a formal suit, shirt and tie? Then there is no one better to provide formalwear inspiration for you than Kanye West.

Kanye took a slick, single buttoned Ralph Lauren tuxedo suit and made it his own. Make like Kanye, and pair your suit with a pair of white-soled sneakers (we have an excellent pair available here) and don’t forget to add plenty of jewellery too. Leave your shirt in the wardrobe, and swap it for a crisp white tee instead: slick, casual, but still fashion-forward and fun.

Nick Jonas

                       Nick Jonas looking dapper in a classic white tuxedo

In his white tuxedo jacket with classic black formal accessories, Nick Jonas looks just like James Bond: shaken, but not stirred! This look has an old school, retro vibe, but his youth means that Nick makes it look thoroughly modern. If you’re a young man that wants to turn heads without deviating too far from the norm then this is an ideal look for you.

Make like Nick and always button your jacket to keep your look streamlined and slim fitting. If you choose to wear a white tuxedo jacket them pair it with black accessories: adding an extra colour to this outfit will only make it look cluttered and busy. Not a great look!

Robert De Niro

                    Master business chic by taking tips from Robert De Niro

Looking for inspiration on how to style your workwear wardrobe? Then look to Robert De Niro, who forego the expected tuxedo in favour of a crisp black suit instead. De Niro injected personality into his outfit (and ensured he stood out from the crowd, which was a sea of monochrome black and white) by pairing his Ralph Lauren show suit with a slick lilac tie.

Every man should have at least one tie in his wardrobe (if you don’t then we have a great selection here) and these are best paired with a classic black suit and crisp white shirt. Button your blazer like De Niro to create a fun formal and streamlined look.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston looks dapper in a classic black tuxedo

There is no more classic black tie look than pairing a simple black tuxedo with formal black shoes and a black bow tie. Tom Hiddleston pulls off this look perfectly. We love his soft leather shoes with the slightly pointed toe. This is a great look if you want to blend in with the crowd and look effortlessly, timelessly dapper.

By wearing such a simple yet formal look, Hiddleston allows his immaculate grooming routine to be the star of the show: everyone will remember seeing him and know that he looked great, but noone will be able to remember what he was wearing.

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