Rock Autumn Outerwear Like Khalid

If you only buy one thing this month then make it a trench coat. Versatile, easy-to-wear, and perfect for the changing seasons, the trench coat is a wardrobe essential. In his mid-length Fendi version, singer-songwriter Khalid shows us how to pull it off. 

Khalid paired his trench coat with a matching pair of vibrant red Fendi trousers and a crisp white shirt. On-trend micro-sunglasses completed the look. 

Looking to invest in a trench coat of your own? Here are our top tips for pulling off this classic and stylish look:

Style With a Suit And Tie 

If you wear formal wear to work, or simply favour a formal dandy look, then you’re in luck. A trench coat looks great paired with a suit and tie.

The last thing you want when you’re commuting to work in autumnal weather is for your favourite suit to get wet or dirty. The trench coat is the perfect way to protect it, and look stylish at the same time! 

Button up your trench to make it look even more formal, and ensure the lines of your coat are crisp and clean. Fit is key here: like most outerwear, your trench coat should be snug across your shoulders without being tight across your back or arms. If in doubt, size up and then have your trench coat tailored to fit. 

Noone wears a formal trench coat like model David Gandy: choose a darker trench and pop your collar to replicate his effortlessly cool but formal look.

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Chic, Cool and Casual 

Looking to inject some effortless cool into your casual wardrobe? This is our favourite way to wear a trench coat! Adding a trench to any outfit will lend it a smart casual finish and create a comfortable but stylish look. 

Keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible. Think a slim-fitting tee and your favourite blue or black jeans. Add a watch or statement ring to subtly nod to your credentials as a fashion fan with a keen sense of style. 

When it comes to footwear to compliment this look, Chelsea boots are a popular choice. We also love Converse paired with a trench coat to create a high/low effect and emphasise the casual effortlessness of the outfit. 

The Super Sporty Trench

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Finally, if you’re a big fan of the sports luxe trend, and spend your downtime heading to the gym then the trench coat looks great thrown over your favourite sportswear.  

Hooded tops, running leggings, sneakers and training tees can all be elevated by throwing on your favourite trench coat. Your A to B outfit will look instantly more fashion-forward. In fact, this look is so stylish you might want to try it whether you’re ready for a workout or not! 

Khalid shows us that the trench coat can be a high fashion essential, perfect for red carpet events and turning heads for all the right reason. Why not invest in a trench coat of your own, and start wearing it your way?

Whether you want to go bold like Khalid or classic like David Gandy, the trench is one piece you’ll never regret investing in. 

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