To Beard or Not to Beard? Choosing the Right Grooming Options For You

For the past couple of seasons, beards have been having something of a fashion moment. Thick, full and bushy, the fash-pack have embraced the beard and a whole new industry has evolved around male beard grooming. From hipsters to male models, celebrities to marketing execs, the beard was officially on trend.

Whilst beards are still very much in vogue amongst some, on the whole, this season we are seeing a return to smooth, cleanly shaven faces. And if you’re looking for a big change this season and want to turn heads, it might be time to lose the beard and showcase the handsome face that’s lurking underneath!

Celebrities such as David Beckham, George Clooney and Paul Judd have all ditched the beard this year. Whilst for some celebs it has been universally acknowledged that they all look much better (and younger) without the beards than they do when they’re sporting the facial furniture, for others, the beard is an essential part of their look.

Here are our top tips for choosing the facial hairstyle that will suit you best:

Silky Smooth Like Paul Rudd

If you’re blessed with fresh-faced, boyish good looks like Paul Rudd then, like him, you’ll probably look much better cleanly shave than you will with a straggly beard. Removing the beard allows Paul to make the most of his facial features, and the smooth look also suits his clear and pale complexion. This is a great look if you’re in your 20s-40s and have been blessed with good genes and a strong jawline.

Closely shaven, silky smooth


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People often think that wearing a beard is a high maintenance look. But in reality, it takes much more maintenance to remain as cleanly shaven as Rudd does. You’ll probably have to shave before you leave the house every morning and then apply after shaving lotion and moisturiser to ensure that you don’t cause any damage to your skin. Don’t underestimate the time and expense involved in maintaining this seemingly effortless look.

Beard it Like Beckham

More than a decade ago (before the phrase ‘Beard it like Beckham’ was coined) David Beckham was the million dollar face of Gilette razors. And to prove fashion is cyclical, the famously bearded Beckham has returned to his roots and started focusing on a tidier grooming routine again. Because five blades are better than three, we are big fans of the Gillette 5 Blade Fashion range, and there is no better blade for a completely clean shave.

Can you beard it like Beckham?

But if you’re not ready to take the plunge and opt for a completely clean shave then David Beckham remains the perfect role model. His low key stubble offers the perfect blend of sophistication and manliness. With none of the commitment of either a full beard or a clean shave, it is an easy to wear, low-maintenance look that will suit any man.

Top tip: If you’re carrying a little extra weight then stubble will work just as well for hiding any wobbly chin or extra weight as a full beard.

Cool Like Clooney 

Whilst he might not be the youngest or most fashion-conscious of celebrities, no one wears a beard better than George Clooney. Clooney cuts his beard much shorter than the average hipster, and its cropped, tidy length ensures that he always looks well-groomed and perfectly put together.

Cool like Clooney: Silver flecks optional

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This is the perfect look for hiding a loose or ageing chin (ideal if you want to hide those extra holiday season pounds – Christmas is coming!) and will also help to add shape and definition to rounded faces too.

If you choose to wear a beard then we recommend that you invest in some essential grooming products; a beard oil will help to ensure your beard remains soft and silky (something your partner will definitely thank you for) and it will also help to tame any flyaway hairs. And don’t forget to invest in a clipper: This will help to keep your beard neat and tidy without too much extra effort. Because the Grizzly Adams look doesn’t really work on anyone!

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